About us

Event Light eK has existed for more than 20 years now as a specialised service provider for customers in the main areas of film productions and events of all kinds. The idea was developed out of love to the product and its magnetism to people and the surroundings.

We are proud to have survived the years of “stinginess is cool” and that we have remained true to our company philosophy. Last but not least we owe that to our customers: You! People who set value on the quality of products and service…even if it costs a bit more!

This especially concerns the service sector where the proof of quality has to be demonstrated time and time again. Only honest and competent communication is of importance here!

Our success is also due to the fact that we are looking to find a kind of spiritual kinship with you- and we do! Creases would rightfully bother you (in particular if light is behind them) if they did not belong there- and what is called round should be round- and stay round! Is the quality of the material or workmanship inferior the illuminant losses its desired magical charisma. Like at a concert every detail must meet the highest requirements so that the interaction results in a perfect effect! Our goal is to bring a twinkle into your eyes, to provoke pleasurable goose bumps!

As a service provider we always have the obligation to meet your as well as our requirements under „real life” conditions- no matter if there is a storm raging, if it’s snowing or raining cats and dogs. Last but not least that is why we can only use high-grade and sturdy products.

In the future we are also looking forward to being allowed to or rather to being able to satisfy our customers with this attitude. We and the products we offer shy absolutely no comparison!

Take our word for it!