The LED-balloons are here! After a lot of fiddly work a mature product has developed. Incidentally we were significantly involved in the development of the illuminants.

Stageless colour changing via DMX- the play of colours makes the already first-class balloon a visual highlight of (almost) every event. The main purpose of use for this product however is decoration and not illumination. Of course an “active participation“ of the balloon as a show element or stage-effect within an illumination concept is charming.

Balloons with a diameter of 160cm and 200cm should only be installed indoors or outdoors on the ground or in supports due to the low buoyancy. As of 300cm an effective use outdoors is possible up to a permissible wind speed of approx. 35 km/h. Incidentally as of this size another effect is possible; the colours can be controlled variably in different areas of the balloon.

Transparency lettering is not of such importance with the colour changing balloons because coloured logos can „collide“ with the colours in the balloon. Logos or lettering in white or black should not cause any problems.

Tip: Should you require smaller, 100% round illuminating spheres for your event… take a look at our LED-spheres. The diameters 40cm, 60cm, 75cm are available in our rental pool.


Gerade für Innenraumanwendungen bestens geeignet sind unsere mit Led-Technik bestückten Ballons...

fussball mit led-farbwechslung, absolut rund und faltenfrei